Generation Solar app
GRECO wants to create solar research community

The digital app of citizen science "Generation Solar", developed by the GRECO project and publicly released on April 22, World Earth Day, aims to be a unique combination of information for scientific research, support for information technologies and citizen involvement in a research network.

The website version is already accessible and on May 4 an app version will be made available on the App Store (IOS and Android).In this application, citizens are invited to become “solar energy detectives” and register as many solar installations as they can, regardless of size, and can invite other citizens to use the application. By functioning as a database of photovoltaic installations, the application will allow the exchange of data between the owners of installations, but will also allow the feeding of data in scientific models for energy efficiency.

With this initiative, GRECO aims to create a solar energy community, promote awareness of photovoltaic energy in society, increase the global database on solar energy generation, and contribute to better scientific models of energy efficiency.

On the map of the “Generation Solar” application available online, it is already possible to find some photovoltaic installations, such as the Microgrid PV systems of the Renewable Energies Chair of the University of Évora, with more statistical information exclusively accessible for registered users.

GRECO is a multinational project, supported by the Horizon 2020 program, of the European Commission, under the grant agreement number 787289, with the participation of the Renewable Energies Chair at the University of Évora (CER-UÉ), whose main objective is to promote the application of Open Science and Responsibility in Research and Innovation (RRI) on a research project in the photovoltaic sector.

Publicado em 22.04.2020