BI projeto TRUST

Announcement of one Research Fellowship (BI-PhD Students) within the framework of the project “TRUST: Social innovation strategies for sustainability transitions” (PTDC/GES-AMB/28591/2017).

Scientific domain: Social Sciences


Admission requirements: Candidates will be admitted to the call when demonstrating:

1) a master degree (MSc) in Social Sciences, preferably Sociology or related subjects and

2) enrolment in a PhD program.


Preferential factors for admission:

1.       Knowledge on the management of projects and research activities related to social innovation and transitions to sustainability in the Alentejo (40%);

2.       Experience in qualitative social data analysis (40%);

3.       Experience in communication and networking within research actors and units (15%);

4.       Good knowledge of written and spoken English (5%)

De 08.04.2020 a 22.04.2020